Florida Keys

Florida, USA

What makes The Florida Keys such an idyllic setting for your Florida Holiday? How about glorious weather, breathtaking scenery, fabulous beaches and a warm welcome from the locals.

The stunning Florida Keys are an archipelago, made up of about 1700 individual islands, stretching 120 miles from the southern tip of Florida down towards Cuba. The Keys are accessed via Highway 1, a spectacular road built in 1938 and made up of causeways and bridges connecting the islands of this Florida paradise together, with the Gulf of Mexico to one side, and the Atlantic Ocean the other.

As a holiday destination, the Florida Keys offer some of the finest diving, fishing (both beach and deep sea) and water sports to be found anywhere in World and this is due to the Keys having the only living coral reef in the continental United States.

The primary destinations or resorts for holiday makerís visiting the Florida Keys are Key Largo and Key West.

Key Largo

The first of the Islands after leaving the Florida mainland, this easternmost Island is also the largest of all the Florida Keys. Key Largo itself is about 120 miles south of Miami and stretches about 15 miles. Diving and Eco tourism make up a large part of Key Largo's income.

Large portions of Key Largo are unspoilt and protected lands, including the crocodile lake National Park (the primary breading for the endangered American Crocodile) and the John Pennekamp coral reef park (the first underwater park in the United States).

Some of the more popular resort complexes in Key Largo include the Marriott Beach Resort and the Holiday in Resort and Marina both of which provide an excellent and great value base for your Key Largo Holiday.

Key West

The final frontier, Key West is the last of the Florida Keys to be linked by the highway and is about 260 miles south of Miami.

Key West has developed into a wealthy tourist town and perhaps is most known for its association with the American Writer, Earnest Hemmingway and Key West features a museum completely dedicated to him and his work. As a holiday destination, Key West has a great deal to offer.

Water sports are well catered for with scuba diving, offshore fishing and of course the area is a particular favourite with those looking to swim with dolphins.

One of the best ways to view Key West is to take a trip on the famous Conch Tour train or using the Old Town trolley tram ride.